New template for the preregistration of scoping reviews available


Scoping reviews provide guidance on the current state of research on a topic, for example, to establish a working definition, capture key concepts, or conceptual framing*. To support the transparent reporting of scoping reviews, Andrea Tricco and many other colleagues published the so-called “PRISMA-ScR Checklist”** in 2018, which can be used to document the framework and realization of a review.

Following a hint by our colleague Christopher Jones (University of Bremen), this checklist has now been implemented as a preregistration template. Items from the PRP-QUANT template*** and the original PRISMA-ScR checklist have been linked, to assist researchers in preregistering their scoping reviews. This template is now available on PreReg as a Google Doc.

*von Elm, E., Schreiber, G., & Haupt, C. C. (2019). Methodische Anleitung für scoping reviews (JBI-Methodologie). Zeitschrift für Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen, 143, 1-7.

**Tricco, A. C., Lillie, E., Zarin, W., O'Brien, K. K., Colquhoun, H., Levac, D., ... & Straus, S. E. (2018). PRISMA extension for scoping reviews (PRISMA-ScR): checklist and explanation. Annals of internal medicine, 169(7), 467-473.

***Preregistration Task Force. (2020). Preregistration Standards for Psychology - the Psychological Research Preregistration-Quantitative (aka PRP-QUANT) Template. ZPID (Leibniz Institute for Psychology).