Who can apply for a cost-free data collection (Lab Track)?

Generally, everyone with an academic affiliation can apply. Students can apply as well, but they require a supervisor who is a member of the scientific staff at an academic institution. Please note that we reserve the right to make decisions on an individual basis.


What is the capacity of the lab? 

There is no simple answer to this question, partly because it depends on the other applications submitted during the same time frame. If you are unsure and would like to submit your protocol only after knowing whether your study is principally feasible via the Lab Track, please contact us at PreReg(at)leibniz-psychology.org. If you are planning an online study, please download this form, complete it, and include it as an attachment to your email.  


How are participants incentivized?

For on-site studies in our lab in Trier we compensate participants with 10 € per hour (5 € for 30 min, 2.5 € for 15 min) unless your study requires otherwise. For the majority of online studies, we commission the sample from the external panel provider respondi. Respondi is certified in accordance with the strict criteria of the international standard ISO 20252. This standard requires access to full disclosure of incentive terms and conditions applying to the project in the invitation email that contains the link to the survey. Incentives are provided in the form of points that, after a certain amount has been accumulated, can be monetized, transformed into a voucher or donated (choice of the participant). Respondi’s panel members receive at least 50 points for a ten-minute interview which are equivalent to the value of 50 euro cents. Respondents who cannot be considered for certain surveys, i.e. those who are screened out, receive up to 10 points.


How long is the peer review process for submissions to the Lab Track?

The feasibility check takes about 2 to 5 days. For peer review, we first identify potential reviewers and invite them to review your submission by sending them your abstract. We ask the reviewers to decide within one week. If they accept, we ask them to submit their reviews within 3 weeks. If a review is not submitted after 4 weeks, we will send a reminder. In case of major revisions, we ask for a second round of review (an additional month). The specified time periods for this process may vary, however.


Can I revise my protocol after acceptance?

After publication, you can revise your protocol within a one-week period if needed. In this case, a new timestamp will be assigned but the DOI will not be changed. After this one-week period, no changes can be made to files and metadata. However, you can add new versions that appear under the same entry but have separate DOIs. Please request modifications via psycharchives-submission(at)leibniz-psychology.org. Make sure to include the DOI of the existing entry and, for new versions, a short change log (max. 255 characters, including spaces) as well as the new file.