Lab Track

Apply for a free-of-charge data collection

By submitting your protocol via the Lab Track, you can apply for a free-of-charge data collection of your study. ZPID provides access to quota samples for conducting online studies (PsychLab online) and the opportunity to outsource the data collection of your eye tracking (or any pc-based) study to our lab in Trier (PsychLab offline). Visit the respective websites to learn more about PsychLab online and PsychLab offline.

Please note that protocols submitted to the Lab Track must be prepared according to the Author Guidelines. We further need you to provide the materials that are necessary to conduct your study in our lab – either your web-based survey for your online study or your experimental code and stimuli for conducting your eye tracking experiment in our offline lab. Moreover, your planned study has to be approved by an ethics review board before data can be collected. For an overview of required materials, also see the Checklist.

Upon submission, we will check the feasibility of conducting your study in PsychLab. If the service seems suitable for your planned study, your protocol will be send out for peer-review. The review process in the Lab Track is similar to the one you know from journals. In case your protocol has already received an in-principal-acceptance from a journal, the peer review at ZPID can be omitted or significantly shortened.

Once your protocol has been accepted, it will be archived in the repository PsychArchives and the data collection via PsychLab will be initiated.

Data that has been collected via the Lab Track will be published in the repository PsychArchives either immediately after data collection has been completed or, if you prefer so, after an embargo period.