Submission Checklist

The table below summarizes the materials that you need to provide in the different tracks and at the different stages of the process. Please use this table for a final check before submitting your protocol.

  Repository Track Lab Track - PsychLab online Lab Track - PsychLab offline
Before submission
  Sample description
  For online Studies, please fill out this form and email it to before starting the submission process. Please fill out this form and email it to when inquiring whether your study will be feasible for PsychLab offline. If so, we will arrange a call.
Upon submission Protocol Protocol
Basic requirement: hypotheses + sampling plan + analysis plan as PDF/A. Either write a manuscript (minus the results and discussion sections) or fill in the PRP-QUANT template. In the former case, please also compare with the PRP-QUANT template whether all points have been addressed.
Please use an editable data format (e.g., OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Rich text Format).
Meta data Meta data
An abstract, author names, title of the planned study etc. will be requested during the submission process. An abstract, author names, title of the planned study etc. will be requested during the submission process.
  Suggestions of reviewers
Upload a separate document with the names, email addresses, and affiliations of 3 to 5 potential reviewers. Please do not suggest (former) collaborators as reviewers.
Before data collection   Ethical approval
Read our FAQs for information about how participants are incentivized.
Web-based study Experimental code/files for running your study
Implement your web-based study (e.g., with Unipark, SoSci, or any other suitable software) and send us the link.
Note that the requirements of your desired sample need to be implemented in your survey (e.g., quota variables, filter conditions, randomizations, ...).
Provide us with your code and study materials. A list of available software and hardware can be found at PsychLab offline.
After data collection Optional:
Data (anonymized) to be archived and published in PsychArchives.
Data (anonymized)+ Codebook
Upon completion of the data collection (optionally, after an embargo period), the collected data have to be made available for archiving and publication in PsychArchives. Submit your raw data (after anonymization), the data on which you run your analyses (i.e., the preprocessed data), and a codebook. Ideally, you also submit your analysis code.
  Optional: Screen recordings
Screen recordings or screenshots of the data collection process to increase the reuse potential of data. A tutorial for creating screen recordings can be found here.