In this section, we provide some templates that can be used to create a preregistration protocol.

  • The Preregistration for Quantitative Research in Psychology Template (PRP-QUANT) was developed in a joint effort by a task force composed of members of the APA, BPS, DGPs, the COS, and ZPID.
    We provide this template in various formats:
    • as Google Form: Fill it in online, submit it, and receive your responses as a formatted PDF. This will yield the cleanest preregistration as item descriptions will be omitted in the final PDF.
    • as Google Doc: Download the template to complete it. This format is the easiest to complete. 
    The PRP-QUANT template is further available in prereg, a R package that provides a collection of templates to create preregistration protocols in PDF format.
  • The JARS Template is derived from the APA Style Journal Article Reporting Standards and provides a rather detailed list of aspects that should be included in a protocol.
  • The fMRI preregistration template aims to increase the reproducibility of fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) studies by providing a detailed list of questions and information specific to planning fMRI studies. The template is provided as GoogleDoc and RMarkdown (knittable to Word, Html, PDF).
  • Scoping reviews provide guidance on the current state of research on a topic, for example, to establish a working definition, capture key concepts, or conceptual framing.  The template for creating a preregistration for a scoping review is provided as GoogleDoc.

The video below walks you through the process of creating a pre-registration using the PRP-QUANT template as a Google Form and a Google Doc.